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2019-2020 Staff

Jacob Goins

Staff Writer

Harrison Settles

Staff Writer

Dee Smith

Staff Writer

Zach Tackett

Staff Writer

Chase Widmer

Staff Writer

Chase is a 17 year old male. He likes to live, laugh, and love. He believes love isn’t something you find, love is something that finds you. . Chase has never used drugs or alcohol. He has never even said a cuss word. He definitely...

Aaron Abrahamson

Staff Writer

Aaron Abrahmason is 6 foot senior who pursues a career as a TikTok influencer. He spends his free time listening to Jacob Sartorius and the Jonas Brothers. Aaron’s favorite quote is “Love is Love.” He likes to watch movi...

Zeke Grier

Staff Writer

Zeke Grier is an 18-year-old, 6’2,” 180-pound man, shaped like a Cadbury Egg.  Zeke likes to think he plays varsity basketball, even though he rarely sees the court. Zeke has a lot of free time; he likes to make Tik Toks...

Mika Maynard

Staff Writer

Mika Maynard is a sophomore at LCA. She has attended LCA for two years and really enjoys it. Her favorite subject is math and she plans on attending the University of Michigan and major is psychology. Her favorite show is Parks and...

Matthew Maggard

Staff Writer

Matthew Maggard, commonly known for his above-average forehead size, is a sophomore baseball player. He has hopes of receiving an offer from Georgetown College to continue his baseball career. Not to be mistaken for his twin brother...

Elijah Hammond

Staff Writer

Elijah is a 6 foot 2 wide receiver who weighs in around 180 lbs. This sophomore already has offers to play Division III ice hockey which is his real passion, although he plays football and baseball. He hopes to play football for...

Shelton Clem


Shelton is a sophomore who is new to LCA this year. Her favorite activity is keeping her feed spicy, and she doesn't do any physical activity what so ever. She wants to go UK and major in psychology. Her favorite food is air and...

Sarah Childers


Sarah Childers is a sophomore. She has attended LCA since preschool and has loved every year of it! Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite subject is English, and her favorite TV show is The Office. Sarah enjoys practicing photogra...

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