Fall Break?



Happy Fall Break… Oh wait

The weekend that would traditionally be Fall Break has arrived, but there is a little something different this year. For the first time in recent memory, LCA does not have a fall break. Well, technically, Fall Break has just been moved to another week, but an explanation is in order. Usually, students get two days off from school for a fall break in either the first or second week of October. The traditional calendar also gives students three days off for Thanksgiving.  This this year, students will receive a whole week off from school for Thanksgiving break. Therefore, Fall Break has just been relocated to the beginning of Thanksgiving week. The school did this to cut back on absences that typically disrupt classes in the days before the usual Fall Break and Thanksgiving break. This made it difficult for teachers to proceed with material, when a large percentage of their students take an extra day for Fall Break and/or Thanksgiving. The goal is to try to provide more instructional teacher time for all students. “We just wanted to try it. We have several students that will miss a week for Fall Break and Thanksgiving. We want to slow down absences. We can at least try it and see how it works,” said High School Assistant Principal Coach Galloway. Junior Josh Strunk has a little bit of a different view, “It’s terrible, I just want to sleep in for once.” No matter what the school decides to do with the calendar, there will always be those who are happy with it and others who wish it was different.  Some students believe that a longer break at Thanksgiving will give them a chance to take a bigger trip. Other students who usually miss both full weeks are going to miss their time off. Regardless, the administration is just trying this out. It remains to be seen whether Fall Break will make it back into the calendar for the next school year.