Students Get Creative with Dress for Spirit Week

Jordyn Martin, 10, goes all out for Holiday Day during Spirit Week.

The week leading up to Homecoming, known as Spirit Week, was filled with fun, creativity, and D-halls.  The themes for each school day from September 24 through September 28 varied from Monochromatic to Extreme LCA Spirit Day. Students enjoyed a break from the standard dress code and instead were invited to dress down to something more comfortable, such as sweatpants, athletic shorts, and leggings. Monday was “America Day” where students showed off their extravagant patriotism. Tuesday was “monochromatic day” where students dressed in only one color. Wednesday was “holiday day” which was filled with Christmas sweaters and Halloween costumes. Thursday was “decades day” which was a blast from the past. Lastly, Friday was “Extreme LCA Spirit Day” where students wore an extreme amount of blue and white.

Spirit Week is a fun time for students to dress up, and take a break from the stress that schoolwork can sometimes cause. Through the week, many students expressed themselves in different ways than usual. Spirit Week is something that is held annually for the students, who enjoy every time that it comes around. This year, however, it was not all smiles and laughs.  During the week, many students received D-hall warnings, and even some D-halls, for their interpretation of the theme, or failure to do so.  Teachers had to pass out detentions and warnings to students who did not follow certain rules set by the administration, such as not following the theme set for that day, or wearing leggings without shorts on top of them.  Administrators repeated that Spirit Week did not give students permission to wear whatever they wanted.  With what students learned during this Spirit Week, they may see stricter rules for future celebration weeks.