Excitement Leading Up to Homecoming


Jack Barron, 12, holds the sign he used to invite Cate Crosbie, 12, to the Homecoming Dance

Are you scrambling for a dress, a date, or even money for a ticket? Then you know what time it is… Homecoming 2018. Homecoming is a week that is full of fun:  the Homecoming Court, football game, and the iconic dance Saturday night. With the dance coming up in one week, dinner plans have already been made and the dates have been asked. Freshman Drew Nieves, asked his date with a volleyball and a football, taking a cue from their shared hobbies.  For the freshmen, it is something new and something that may be a little stressful. Nieves explains,“it was a big deal and everyone was scrambling for a date.” The whole process can become more stressful because of the homecoming proposals, which seem to be more creative and extravagant year after year.  The stress seems to lessen with time. The seniors now approach this task with a more nonchalant outlook. Senior Drew Haas asked his date in a more relaxed way. “It was way less stressful than freshman year,” he adds. From freshman to senior, almost everyone is looking forward to homecoming.