Students Earn Credit for Internships

September 21, 2018


Madeline Pulliam, 12, and Hannah Hall, 12, are two students participating in an internship for credit this semester. They both intern at Baptist Health Hospital.

For the first time in LCA history, students are permitted to incorporate the internship of their choice into their daily schedules. Twenty-four juniors and seniors have taken this initiative. These internships provide students insight into the career path they are interested in, and to determine whether or not that job is something they want to pursue in the future. These internships vary in timing, with many students leaving during school hours, working the internships earlier in the morning, or working into the evening. Students have chosen internships in various locations, such as UK Hospital, Southland Christian Church, and Bluegrass Orthopedics.

Seniors Grace Slatery, Rosemary Cruse, and Camden Alcorn are interning at Southland Church this semester. This opportunity is providing them valuable experience that will help them in the future.

Rosemary Cruse, 12, is an intern at Southland Christian Church, along with three other seniors. Cruse says the four of them organize, make preparations, plan and run errands for the church, as well as working behind the scenes to make Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights run more smoothly.¬† She adds, “I am learning how to work in a real life situation, working with others to make sure a task gets done. Interning also has allowed me to work along side some of my best friends and the best part in my case is that we are doing it for the church, bringing all of our work directly back to God”.

Senior Camden Alcorn, who interns alongside Cruse at Southland Christian Church, also commented on his experience. “I’ve learned to appropriately manage time along with completing generally monotonous tasks in a way to keep things interesting, so I always look forward to going back!”

Hannah Hall, 12, is an intern at Baptist Health Hospital, and has recently been assisting in the Falls Prevention Program, which is for elderly patients staying long-term. She explained her day in this program as working rounds on her assigned floor and making sure patients have proper precautions in case of emergency. Hall also says she checks on patients whose alarms go off, indicating the patients have tried to get up. She¬†explains, “Personally, I’m doing it to get experience in a field I’m interested in pursuing. I’m hoping that working in a hospital will reveal what I want to study in college.”

Another senior, Elise Shewmaker, is interning for the University of Kentucky in their nutrition department. “In my internship, I have learned so many interesting things about nutrition. I chose to do this internship because I think it is what I will want to major in while I am in college. It has helped me have a better understanding of everything that goes into being a dietitian.”

A common trend found in the student internships are the aid they give students to pursue what they want in a career. This new privilege has proven its benefit for LCA upperclassmen.


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