Students Pay More for Snacks at Wings


Ben Philpot

Prices on baskets of snacks at Wings reflect higher prices this semester.

The days of a one dollar peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the WINGS store are now over, after the recent 25 cent price increase across all items. When the students returned to school this semester, they witnessed an increase in prices on everything from string cheese to water bottles. According to the WINGS store employees, it is due to “inflation.” Many students have commented on the higher prices.  Jacob Goins, 11, says that he “dislikes it,” and Charlotte Fults, 12, says that she plans to boycott the store because of the hike.  However, many think it is not going to stop students from going to the store.  Junior Chase Widmer, says “I think it doesn’t matter because kids are still going to go buy the same amount, it doesn’t matter if prices went up to $1.50; they would still buy it.” He may be right.  Students have not slowed their purchasing. Every day at lunch, students continue to flock into the WINGS store to get their snacks and drinks.