Eligible Students Should Exercise Their Voting Rights

Eligible Students Should Exercise Their Voting Rights

Erin Oliver, Staff Writer

Voting has been an extremely vital aspect of freedom in America that has set our country apart from many others. Voting is the way Americans can use their voices and advocate for something they believe in and wish for the country to achieve. Although restrictions on certain people groups voting has differed since the birth of our nation, it is now a privilege for every citizen to use and should use.

Most students should be aware of the upcoming Kentucky Youth Association (KYA) event to highlight student voting.Through this two and a half day event, students who are already 18 or who will be 18 by the November 6 election, will be encouraged to excercise their right to vote. This chance allows students to maximize their voice and for the first time in their lives have political influence for the state and nation. This demonstration is crucial for a thriving nation, as voting rates have gone down in general over the past several years.

    The voting process is not a difficult one. The easiest way to register is download a file from the Kentucky State Board of Elections website. Simply fill out the form, sign it, and mail it to the State Board of Education. Another way to register is to do so at your local county clerk’s office.

    The U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration has proved that the voting rate increases with age and that younger people do not take the role as serious as they should. So why shouldn’t our generation take initiative and vote? This is our time to use our voice and be taken seriously. Why not be the generation that changes that mold?

To register to vote, visit https://elect.ky.gov/registertovote/Pages/default.aspx

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