First Snowstorm of the Year Snarls Traffic


Elizabeth Hauge

Snow blanketed the bluegrass and wreaked havoc on area roads.

On Thursday January 6, at around 10 am heavy snow began to fall on the Lexington area. The snow was quick to accumulate, forcing students at LCA to close school early, releasing students even before the planned dismissal time of 11:30. Even with the early dismissal, students still did not arrive home early. The road conditions were the worst they have been in quite some time and heavy snow covered roads, obscured lane lines, and caused some cars to slide.  With average traffic speeds less than 10 mph, travel times more than tripled for some. Adding to the trouble, the snow caused many roads to close and caused traffic jams. These traffic jams included a 75-car pileup on interstate 64 in Kentucky. Many country roads went some time without being plowed which led to hundreds of cars crashing or falling off the road. Cars were stranded for several hours, and Kentucky police said that they would only respond to injury crashes. Students who lived in Richmond reported that they were still on the road four hours after dismissal. One student who lives in Georgetown was involved in a car crash. Overall, this storm had some of the worst road conditions seen in the state for quite some time. When asked what he thought about the roads, a student driver Both Mony, 11, said “they were very bad.” Another student driver Max Rhoads, 11, said “They were quite slick.” The storm brought up to 10 inches of snow to the northern areas of Kentucky. Schools in the area, including LCA, closed on Friday as road conditions continued to be poor.  While students had work to do through virtual school, many still made time for sledding, snow angels, and snowball fights.