Class Debates Ignite Bible Class

For the last two weeks in Mr. Seamands’ senior Bible class, students have been presenting their research and opinions about controversial topics. These include abortion, eugenics, stem cell research, and others that pertain to ethical debates about the human body. Students have engaged in class discussion, as well as defending their stances on these important issues.  The seniors have welcomed the discussions as they provide break from the normal school routine. They have also given the students a chance to consider where they stand on these issues.  Luke Tipton, 12, is a big fan of these presentations. “It is cool to be able to talk about these important topics. I enjoy debating with my classmates and hearing their opinions.” Connor Stewart, 12, was also a big fan of these debates. “I enjoy hearing all of my classmates opinions and being able to respectfully disagree about hot button topics.”

One of the most heated conversations involved the case of Terry Schiavo from the late 1990s and early 200s. In her twenties, Terry suffered cardiac arrest that resulted in brain damage.  In a persistent vegetative state, doctors hooked her to a feeding tube to keep her alive. Her husband wanted to let her pass because she had no cognitive function, but her parents held out hope that she would recover and wanted to keep her living. This resulted in a 15 year conflict, in which her husband finally won. Students were morally challenged by the end of life issues the case presented.  Classes had great discussions, with students on both sides of the issue. This is just one example of how Mr. Seamands’ class is preparing students to be able to defend positions on important topics, and has given students a change of pace from the normal school day.