Hobbies ‘n Stuff Explores Student Interests


Seniors Luke Tipton and Conner Maggard record their podcast “Hobbies ‘n Such.”

Seniors Conner Maggard and Luke Tipton have begun a podcast for Mrs. Iler’s Advanced Digital Media class. With the name “Hobbies ‘n Stuff,” the two interview students with unique interests and hobbies, as well as anything else that may come up in conversation. Conner said “Digital media is something that myself and my co-host enjoy because we can use our creativity. I am very excited to be able to film podcasts for my portfolio project and to have fun with our guests and get to learn more about them.” His first guest was Jeffrey Selby, 12, where they talked about his love for lunch meat. His favorite is pastrami, as he eats two pastrami sandwiches every day during Economics. Co- host Luke Tipton particularly enjoyed this episode. Excitedly, he added “This was one of the more interesting interviews I have done, and I appreciated how informative he was on the topic of lunch meats.” Their second episode was with Senior Football player Luke Hall. He talked about his passion for video games, especially the mobile game, “Among US.” Luke has a phenomenal work ethic, as he wakes up early each day to get rounds in before school. He described his tactics to win as the impostor, as he tries to act as inconspicuous as possible while slowly killing off each of the crewmates. Guests for the third episode of the week are Claire Ginter and Sydney Fischer. In this episode, Luke and Conner discussed with the girls their loving for Mexican food, and also their sport of cheerleading. Claire was honored to be on the podcast. She shared, ” I am so honored to be on the podcast. I am very impressed with their thorough interviewing.” This podcast is one to watch, and I know that their fans are patiently waiting for the next episodes to roll out.