Students Celebrate Veteran’s Day in Chapel


Lisa Collins

Commander Doug High, Colonel Mark Roland, Petty Officer First Class Chris Broussard, and Colonel Mike Heath answered questions from students during the Veteran’s Day Chapel on November 10.

Matthew Maggard, Staff Writer

Yesterday , the high school and junior high celebrated Veteran’s Day with a special Chapel event. Students gathered in the chapel for a question and answer session with four veterans: Petty Officer First Class Chris Broussard, Colonel Mike Heath, Commander Doug High, and Colonel Mark Roland.  The four took turns answering questions from students about their service. One of the questions was about the culture of the places that they visited. The veterans answered this by talking about the brotherhood of their service, and how they gained family-like relationships with those they served with. Students were disappointed in the answer to this question. They were expecting them to talk about the cultural setting of the places they were stationed, rather than the culture of their teams. Andrew Dobbs, 12, said, “They gave good answers, but did not always actually answer the question that was asked.” Commander High, who moderated the discussion, added that his main advice is “take care of your people” meaning to have the back of your colleagues, and they will have yours as well. The final question asked the men to describe their proudest moment in their service. Petty Officer Chris Broussard said that his favorite memory was when he retired, and knew that he did his job as a servant leader. Colonel Heath’s favorite memory was being able to promote a soldier that served under him to colonel. Knowing that he made a major impact in his career enough for him to want him to promote him to colonel was something that he took pride in.

This chapel was a good way to show appreciation to those who put their lives on the line for the freedom of our country.