COVID Shots for Kids

Simon Cook, Staff Writer

Children ages 5-11 may be able to get a COVID-19 vaccination soon. The government says it expects the Pfizer shot to be authorized for use on younger children after federal regulators evaluate the safety benefits and effectiveness on this younger age group. They plan to give low dosage amounts to the roughly 28 million kids of age in the United States.  Children may be able to get these shots at doctor offices, pharmacies, and their schools.After the FDA approves the use for children, the government plans to ship out close to 3 million doses of the vaccine within hours. The goal is to distribute up to 15 million doses in the first week. They also plan to send out different sized needles that are needed to inject the vaccine into children. COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients said, “We’re going to be ready, pending the FDA and CDC decision.” If this plan succeeds kids can be fully vaccinated by the new year. Many kids and parents are oddly excited about getting a shot, with some parents are bribing their children to get the shot. Children run a very low risk of getting seriously ill with COVID.  Only 637 people under age 18 have died from COVID. But children are known to be big spreaders of the disease, with up to 6 million kids having carried COVID- 19. Officials hope that this shot can help reduce the spread of the disease and maybe even save some lives.