Washington Football Team Faces Harrassment Allegations


Washington football team cheerleaders are urging the NFL to release the full report into the team’s involvement in sexual harassment of the cheerleaders. Emails found in the investigation uncover distribution of nude photos by Washington football team coaches. The emails involve Jon Gruden former coach of the Las Vegas Raiders and Bruce Allen. Both the Raiders and the Washington Football Team have been hit with numerous sexual harassment lawsuits in recent years. The investigation was completed last year and resulted in a $10 million fine against the team.  Students agree that the allegations in the report are not acceptable. Brad Davidson, 11, said, “It’s awful.”

The Washington team has also fallen under criticism for its handling of the Sean Taylor memorial. First the sign for the rededication of Sean Taylor RD was hung in front of the portable toilets. The team also put the sideline number tribute in the VIP section, but this led to controversy when a Tik Toker posted video of him dancing on the memorial. In addition, the halftime show involved no speeches or recognition. Fans were quick to call out the Sean Taylor memorial as a PR stunt.