The Search for Brian (A Timeline)

Crowds gather outside the home of Brian Laundries family.

Dmaiolo, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Crowds gather outside the home of Brian Laundrie’s family.

In July Gabbie Petito, an Instagram influencer, and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie set out on what they planned to be a roughly four-months long camping and hiking trip. On August 12, police in Moab, Utah were dispatched to the couple, because a caller reported that Brian hit Gabbie. The police report indicates she hit him and no arrest was made. The two were separated for the night. On August 19, Gabbie and Brian posted their last YouTube video together. In it, the two seem to be on very good terms.  On August 25, Gabbie made her last post.

On September 1, Brian arrived home by himself. Gabbie was reported missing on September 11. On September 17, Brian’s family reported him missing. The next day, the search for him began. On September 19, local authorities found Gabbie Petito’s remains. On September 23, a warrant was issued for Brian Laundrie. As October 19th Brian has not been found.

The case has received a lot of media coverage and many people are theorizing about what happened to Gabbie and or Brian. One theory is that Brian is hiding in his parents’ house.  As a result, his family has been harassed by the public; with people putting out signs and forming groups outside the house. Others think that Brian is living rough in the American wilderness and avoiding police detection. Another possibility is that he may be dead. At this point it could be quite a while until authorities figure out what happened to Brian, but many people thoughts and prayers go to the Petito family.