Students Show College Spirit


Rachel Young, 12, and Haily Miller, 12, show off their college colors.

Friday Sept. 3 was National College Colors Day. This was a great opportunity for students to show their fandom, or represent where they plan to (or would like to) go to college. One common occurrence around the halls was the University of Kentucky. Many students were representing the blue and white, and that was to be expected with the school’s close proximity to the university. Senior Cole Ginter really embraced the opportunity to represent Mississippi State University, where his dad played baseball. Cole said that he “Thought of it as a good opportunity to represent their outstanding baseball program.” Junior Sydney Fisher said, “I enjoyed wearing an Ole Miss shirt, because I had gone on a college visit the weekend prior, and I loved to see all of the schools that people are planning on attending.” Another student, Mac Crosbie, 12, represented Miami University, a school that he has visited and he wanted to represent. In general, students enjoyed participating in the day and were glad to take advantage of a change in the dress code for a day.