New Teachers Welcome Students


This year, students returned to school to find several new teachers in classrooms. For example, Mrs. List has taken over the regular Chemistry classes, as Mrs. Payne has moved to become the full-time freshman Bible teacher. Mrs. List is very well studied as a chemist and has even written a book supporting her religious beliefs through chemistry. In this book she explains why chemistry shows evidence of an intelligent creator. Junior Brad Davidson, student at Lexington Christian academy and leading expert on student teacher relations, noted that “LCA picked a good bunch, they don’t get much better than that.”

The high school also picked up Mr. Cromwell for Algebra 2. He is a very experienced math expert with over 10 years of math teaching experience, and a good knowledge of the workings of football. Mr. Cromwell can be seen at school very early, prepping for each new day.  Mr. Groves also joined the Math department, teaching Geometry and Statistics.  He keeps busy, as he also teaches the Introduction to Engineering Design class. Finally, Ms. Wilson has come on board to teach one high school drama class and Ms. Shonkwiler has taken over the Physical Wellness class.