Hurricane Ida Impacts North and South


Michael M Stokes, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Flooding from Tropical Storm Ida in Conshohocken, PA.

On Sunday August 29,  Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana, causing mass destruction across the southern side of the state. This hurricane plunged the state into darkness when it took out more than five thousand transformers, thirty thousand utility poles, causing power to be taken away from over nine hundred thousand households. As of Saturday, September 4, the death toll is nearly 60, and many more injured and lost.

The hurricane didn’t only hit the south hard, it transformed into a tropical depression and pummeled northern states like New York. When it arrived in these towns, it caused major flooding leading to deaths and injuries, and caused many houses to be destroyed. Roughly 14,000 people were displaced by the hurricane, including members of nursing homes. Surprisingly, this hurricane hurt the northern part of the United States which is not common. The hurricane caused historic flooding in places like New York city and Philadelphia, even killing almost 20 people.

President Joe Biden made a trip to Louisiana on September 3. He met with the governor to help the recovery effort. Biden said, “we’re all in this together; the nation is here to help.” The road to recovery may be long for this hurricane. People are already struggling to supply food, water and gasoline to the people. And fully restoring power to the people seems to be a challenging task. It could possibly be weeks until some people get power back into their homes, and it could take months or years for some to recover from the destruction.