Students Elect Student Council Representatives


Claire Ginter

Andrew Schwartz, 11, delivers a speech to his classmates as he runs for student council. Andrew was elected to serve on student council this year.

On Monday August 23, Lexington Christian Academy’s students elected a new student council for the 2021-2022 school year. The senior class elected Mac Crosbie, Hadley Whipple, and Andrew Dobbs. The junior class elected Zach Baugh, Laurel Setzer, and Andrew Schwartz. The sophomore class elected Chase Fuller, Abby Potter, and Molly Roth. The freshman class elected Wynn Flint, Madison Guy, and Courtlynn Davis. This group includes some returning leaders and new representatives.  Some students really like the new make up of student council. Junior Brad Davidson said, “Zach Baugh will be the best president to ever grace the school.” Zach will be serving on student council for the first time as junior class president.

The student council does many things for the student body, including represent students to the administration. It also organizes events, decides on the dress-up themes for spirit week, help serve with school events, such as new student orientation. Students may also discuss their concerns or ideas with a student council member and then the member can bring that to the principal or vice principal. On Tuesday August 24, the newly installed student council had a meeting with Vice-principal Mr. Galloway to discuss meeting dates and how the members should interact with fellow students.

The organization of the student body council is loosely based off the United States government and others. With positions like president, vice president, and secretary being real roles in most governments. A council position could prepare students to become politicians. Student council roles are important to the student body and we should support our local student politicians.