Traditions Continue with Senior Convocation


Claire Ginter

Senior Cole Ginter is surrounded by his parents as they pray over him during senior Convocation.

On August 25, LCA staff and students partook in senior convocation, an annual event of devotion and encouragement for senior students to follow the Lord in their final year of high school. The ceremony started with the principal, Dr. Koett, thanking the parents and students for their ability to adapt and overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. She introduced Head of School Dr. Scott Wells, and he gave a powerful message that challenged students to share the gospel to those who have not yet heard. Parents prayed over their students, asking God to help the seniors to use their talents in ways that would glorify God. Faculty members Robin Iler, Justan Borth, and Lisa Bacon shared similar messages and challenged the students through the 2022 school year. They asked the parents to pray for the students in the areas of family, future, and faith. Parents prayed for the safety of their students, that they would never forget the importance of family, and that they would hold faith to their savior Jesus Christ. This was an emotional event for parents, as they are looking towards the future of their son or daughter entering their own adult lives.

After the ceremony, students were exempt from their 3rd and 4th period classes to have lunch off-campus with their families. Ben Royse and his family had Lunch at Malone’s. He said that “Lunch with family was a great way to change up the normal school routine.” Senior Zach Workman went to Ramsey’s, where he took on the challenge of the traditional breakfast. He articulated that “The food was great, although I was very full after.” Teacher and speaker at the event Mrs. Iler praised the event when she said “I think it’s a lovely tradition that we have to set apart the seniors and dedicate their last year. I think that it does a great job to bring families and classmates together”