Return of the Mask


Sophomores Will Rich and Chase Fuller adjust their masks on the first day of school.

Upon returning to school, a lot of students were excited to be back in-person without masks. I know I was, and it was one of the main things that I was looking forward to this year. However, Governor Andy Beshear issued a mask mandate for schools right before we were set to return. Now, LCA has gone back to similar conditions as last year with masks required all throughout the day. Head of School Dr. Scott Wells sent an email out to the parents explaining that this was something we have to do. The email stated that if the school failed to comply with the executive order, then it could result in no more in-person learning. Also, if the school did not comply, then LCA could lose its liability insurance. One frustrated senior, Conner Maggard, said “I was very disappointed in the requirement to wear masks. I was very excited to a return to normalcy, but I have hope that the mandate will be lifted soon.” The governor’s executive order is set for 30 days.
Normalcy is something that many students, want to return to as soon as possible. Senior Cole Ginter was disappointed, but he seemed in good spirits about the mask mandate. He said “The teachers are understanding, and I am willing to wear them even though they are very annoying.”
Governor Andy Beshear has called the masks necessary to keep our schools open. He stressed how necessary these masks are when he said “We are to the point where we cannot allow our kids to go into these buildings unprotected, unvaccinated and face this Delta variant,” he said Tuesday in the state Capitol. “There is no other option. This is absolutely what we have to do.” Although this year did not start the way that many hoped, LCA remains excited for the 2021-2022 school year.