New York Governor Resigns Under Pressure

On Tuesday, August 10, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation. His resignation comes in the wake of a report released by New York Attorney Genera Letitia James into allegations of sexual harassments.  As he agreed to leave office, Governor Cuomo said, “In my mind, I’ve never crossed the line with anyone.”
The first accusation against Governor Cuomo broke in December 2020, when Lindsey Boylan, an adviser to governor, claimed that he had kissed her against her will. She also alleges that the sexual harassment has gone on for years, and that Governor Andrew had a crush on her and asked her to play strip poker. On February 27 2021, Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to the governor, also accused him of sexual harassment. He allegedly asked her a lot of questions about her sex life, and whether or not she was into older gentlemen like himself.  On March 19, Alyssa McGrath a current employee of Governor Cuomo at the time came forward. She claimed the Governor Cuomo would ogle her her and look at her in a way that made her uncomfortable. On April 7, an aide alleged that Governor Cuomo had groped her the previous November.
As a result of these allegations, Attorney General James began an investigation into the matter. On August 3, her office released a 168-page report finding Governor Cuomo sexually harassed 11, and possibly more, present and former employees. Governor Cuomo questioned the credible, factual basis for the report. On August 9, the judiciary committee of New York stated it will hold hearings through the end of the month against Governor Cuomo. Meanwhile, many notable Democrats in the state and nation called for Cuomo to resign.
During the announcement of his resignation, Cuomo stated that he has never intentionally disrespected women, and that he wants to view the world through the eyes of his daughters. Cuomo is expected to vacate office in two weeks. Despite his planned departure, other New York Democrats are calling for him to be impeached, even after he leaves office.