LCA Ambassador Program


The Ambassador program is a way to give potential students and new students different perspectives on the school. This program also helps represent LCA to the public. The number of potential students who come to shadow a current student varies throughout the year. For most of this year, COVID restrictions have prevented most prospective students from coming onto campus. As those restrictions ease, the student ambassadors help introduce the school to interested families. Some ambassadors gives tours and talk about what goes on at this school, and why families might want to enroll their children here. Some ambassadors have the opportunity to give students a closer look. The ambassadors will get what they call a shadow, and that shadow will follow the ambassador all day throughout all their class.  This gives the potential student a better idea of the school, classes, teachers, and even fellow students.

Melanie Steier, Lexington Christian Academy’s admissions coordinator, helps to organize this program. She loves this program because she knows that this will help kids and their families. She says, “The student ambassador program at LCA really gives a prospective family the chance to see the product of our school first-hand.” She loves being in charge of this program because she loves all students.

Abbey Potter,9, is a LCA ambassador. She enjoys being in this program because she loves to make a difference in people lives. Abbey says that this program is “A program for students to represent their school by showing students around, helping with open houses, etc.” Abbey is an outgoing, people person so this program allows her to use her gifts that God has given her.

Jillian Scalf,9, is also an ambassador. Jillian says that, “I love being an ambassador because I love Lexington Christian Academy.” She says that this program has brought her so much joy in just knowing that she is helping these new students. Jillian loves getting to connect with her shadows throughout the day. Not only just through telling them about the classes, but also just getting to have a fun time.

Student ambassadors do a good job of putting a welcoming face on the school.