No More Temperatures


Ms. Riley takes Wyatt Guilliams, 11, temperature on the first day of school. Temperature checks are just one of the new safety requirements in the school.

Wednesday April 7, Lexington Christian Academy decided to stop taking temperatures when students or guests walk into the building. Temperatures checks started in August as part of the health and safety protocols put in place when started school in August. The change came about as a result of new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  The health and safety protocols still require students and teachers to wear masks, desks be arranged 6 feet apart in classrooms, and one-way traffic in the hallways.

Mrs. Jaegar, the 6th Grade Academy and Junior High School counselor, is always at the door excited to greet students. She and Mrs. Leach stand there with smiling faces and temperatures guns ready to aim at student foreheads. Although she says she still got to talk to students, the temperature check did make it more difficult. Still she says, “I love being able to greet students in the morning without taking their temperatures!  It allows me to talk with each child as needed and not feel like there is a pressure to get a task done.”  Mrs. Jaegar loves each and every student and is always excited to see them each and every morning with or without a temperature device.

Abby Bronski,9, is extremely excited for no temperature checks in the morning. Her excitement comes from looking to the future  Abby says that, “I like it because I feel like it is a step closer to not having to wear masks.” Abby is excited that steps are being taken to make things more normal, especially the future of masks.