Senior Week Stands in for Senior Trip


Heather Riley

Foam Warz was just one of the options for seniors during Senior Week.

Lexington Christian Academy has a tradition where all the seniors visit New York City for a week during the month of May. Covid-19 has cut that trip out of the question due to safety and health concerns. Many seniors were highly disappointed as this was an event they have looked forward to since middle school. Teacher Mr. Merz although has done his best job to give the seniors some sort of replacement after missing their New York City trip. He knew it would not be the same but felt something is better than nothing. He arranged three days for the seniors with several fun activities. One day the students would go rock climbing at LEF Climbing near downtown Lexington. After rock climbing the students got to get lunch and then go to the Breakout Games, also located downtown. At Breakout Games participants got the opportunity to breakout out of two rooms with their groups. The other day students got to go to Malibu Jacks for 4 hours and then lunch afterwards. At Malibu Jacks they got to choose from activities such as bowling, laser tag, go-karts, several rides, along with mini golf. After Malibu Jacks students went to Foam Warz, a nerf gun based arena where multiple mini games could be played. These days alternated on Monday and Tuesday for Group 1 and Group 2.

On Wednesday the students all participated in games such as dodgeball, kickball, and badminton or they could play in several video game tournaments. The team with the most points at the end of the day got to go to dinner paid for by Mr. Merz. At 7:30 students went to Cinemark Theatre near school to watch Ghostbusters. Thursday and Friday the seniors did not have school and could do whatever they pleased with their day.

Although the seniors did not go to New York, they were very appreciative of the attempt to make up for it by Mr. Merz and were so grateful he was given a signed poster and giftcards for him to take his wife out to dinner.