Looking Past a Dismal Season for the Wildcats


The University of Kentucky’s Men’s basketball program had one of its worst years this year sadly but that doesn’t mean it has to end on a bad note. Coach Calipari said this in an interview about the season, “Enjoy your time now. Next year’s gonna come soon enough”. The men’s basketball program at UK has been historically one of the best if not the best college basketball programs of all time. Seeing multiple national championships and countless appearances in the NCAA tournament. This year however took a turn for the worst when the regular season record ended with a terrible 9-16 record. This is a record that has never been seen in the Calipari era. It has been met with a lot of criticism of Coach Cal and his style of play and the way he coaches the team. Most people do believe however that this is just a minor setback. This season was full of drama with the pandemic raging in the background to players leaving the team to players getting injured. It felt as though the team never hit their stride. They never bonded as a cohesive unit. Coach Cal does promise that next year’s season and the team will be very different than the terrible play we saw this year.

Matthew Potter, 12, a die-hard Cats fan, tried to put it all in perspective. He said, “It is upsetting to see their record be that bad but we had a barely 18-year-old running point and multiple personnel problems on the court which causes a bad record.” Drew Johnson, 12, added, ” This is only one year and it was a very crazy one. Next year will be completely different”. Many Cats fans hope that will be the case because people need something to look forward to after a terrible 2020. The Cats will be back in action in 2021.