The Governor of Kentucky and a New Legislature

Governor Andy Beshear is the 61st Governor of Kentucky and is a member of the Democratic party. He has been in office since 2019, but has created a lot of controversy regarding the expansive use of his executive power with the restrictions made by him due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron, has joined challengers who argue Beshear overstepped his authority and bypassed the state General Assembly. They say he did this by closing restaurants and businesses and closing down schools both private and public. Republicans, who control the state legislature and who expanded their numbers in the last general election, already are considering changes to state law to curb the governor’s emergency powers.  So far, the Kentucky courts have affirmed Beshear’s authority to take the action he did.  At a press conference, Beshear hailed the ruling as one that will allow his administration to keep trying to save lives and prevent illness. Many people in the state do not see it in this way. Andrew Dollus, 12, thinks the Governor went too far. ” I think Beshear is over-stepping his powers given to him by the people and is trying to decide what is best for us when we should be able to decide that”. Will Vernon, 12, agreed. He said, “school needs to be open because many people are not learning at all when doing school from home especially for this long amount of time.” Beshear called on critics of his executive orders to put politics aside in what has become a political dispute. “Politics has no place in something like this,” he said. “The virus doesn’t care. It doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.” Some would argue however that it is his doing that put Kentucky in the situation it is in today. Whether you agree with his politics or not, we all need to come together so that we can end this pandemic once and for all.