Spring Break At Last

Monday, March 29 is the start of spring break leading to the end which is April 2. This time last year students were at home doing online school. Saddened by the fact that they couldn’t have a true spring break. This year is a whole lot different. Although COVID restrictions are still there, vaccinations are there as well. People feel more safe to go out and do more since the COVID vaccinations are being distributed throughout America. Although there is a voluntary self-quarantine students could do when they return from their vacation.

Grayson Furlong,9, is so excited to go on vacation and have a break. She is thrilled to go to Florida and understands that things will be different. Grayson says that,”I am going to universal studios. I think it will be different because not as many people will be there.” Grayson uses King’s Island and a comparison to the differences that could occur. She says that when she went to King’s Island that the workers would constantly give you hand sanitizer or talk over the loud speaker to remind people of social distancing and to wear masks correctly.

Laurel Setzer ,10, is going out of the country for her spring break, although this isn’t her first time going she is just as excited. Laurel states that, “This year like many in the past my family is visiting Turks and Caicos for spring break! This year due to COVID we have to get tested before leaving to go and before returning to the US!” Laurel continues, “Although with a slight curfew and smaller percent of capacity not even a pandemic can take away from how beautiful and relaxing the island is!” Laurel is excited to relax and have a nice and easy break from school.

Hayes Pieratt ,9, is not going anywhere for spring break this year. Hayes said that, “I will be staying home this year. My family and I usually don’t go anywhere for spring break anyway, but this year we are also took into account that COVID will be an issue.” Hayes said that most of his time will be spent playing videos games, being outside, and just spending time with his family.