Nine Weeks Up Means SOI Returns


Monday, March 15 marked the day Synchronous Online Instruction (SOI) students were allowed to come back to school in person if  they wanted. School policy allows students to choose SOI for 9 weeks at a time. Fewer students chose the online option this semester, but there were still some who want to stay off campus for the rest of the school year. SOI provides an easy and accessible way to learn from home but it doesn’t work for all.

Landon Starns, 9, personally did not enjoy SOI. Landon said, “You don’t get to see your friends. It sucks staring at a screen for seven hours. I focus better in person.” Landon says that he enjoys in-person so much more. He says that a big reason he prefers in-person to online is he gets to talk to all his friends.  He also feels like he learns better in the classroom.

Grace Blanton also a freshman enjoys both methods of instruction. Grace says she makes the best out of both situations. Last semester, she also started out as SOI and made the switch to come in-person later on into the semester. Grace says, “I enjoyed coming back to school and seeing my friends. It was pretty easy coming back and not very stressful, besides trying to find my classes.” Grace says that overall coming back in person was enjoyable and she is excited for the rest of her second semester as a freshman with her friends.