One Year Anniversary Of COVID


Saturday March 13, marked one year since COVID shut everything down. This time last year students were thrilled by the fact that they have a three week spring break. Little did anyone know that it turned into one year of restrictions. COVID and the restrictions put in place as a result of it has changed life in so many ways for so many people.  For students, one of the biggest and most significant is school and education in general. The way students have had to learn this year has changed quite a bit. Last year, it started with online asynchronous learning. This school year, students have had to adjust as the method of education has changed regularly from in-person, online, asynchronous, hybrid, etc. While most are doing their best to be flexible with all the changes, still, it has been hard for all students and teachers.

Mrs. Payne, a Bible and chemistry teacher at LCA cannot believe that it has been a year. She is so thankful that Lexington Christian Academy found a way to safely hold school. Mrs. Payne says that, “I think Covid has made us all appreciate what we have. I have been amazed to see how students really WANT to actually be in school.” Mrs. Payne continues, “Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it is gone.” She enjoys seeing her students each and everyday, and having the chance to teach.

Through a freshman point of view C.A. Carter is incredibly happy that school is totally different from last year. C.A states, “Looking back on this year it has been a blessing to have the opportunity to come to school. I think LCA has done a good job having everyone back in person but also for the students online providing a way for everyone to learn safely.” C.A says she has been blessed on coming to LCA this year and being in person most of the time.

As LCA students have watched public schools remain closed for most of the year, they are grateful for the opportunities they have had to be with their classmates, whether in person or online. Like the teachers, most students are looking forward to the time when all of school can get back to what they remember as normal.