Beta Club Welcomes New Freshmen


Lisa Collins

Former Beta Club member and current substitute teacher, Zach Barnhart, speaks to new freshmen inductees about making the most of their Beta Club membership.

On Monday March 1, the Beta Club inductions were held in the Lexington Christian Academy chapel. These inductions included all eligible freshmen who accepted their invitations to apply. The Beta Club officers conducted the induction ceremony, telling the inductees about the four “keys” to Beta Club membership. Beta Club president Leah Massa, 12, was not able to attend the ceremony, so Vice President Andrew Dollus, 12, filled in for her and four-year club member Maggie Rothchild, 12, filled in for him. LCA Alum and former Beta Club member Mr. Barnhart challenged the inductees to make the most of their membership and to not use it just as something to put on their resume.  Parents were not able to see their freshmen inducted into their first honor society in high school because of the restrictions in place at the school due to COVID. In the next few months the new inductees are told to gain 3 service hours.

Secretary Logan Martin,12, has been a Beta Club member since his freshman year. When asked about how this event was different from his induction he said, “When I was a freshman the Beta Club inductions were a big deal. Along with the actual induction being formal.” Logan Continues, “This years ceremony was a whole lot different.” Logan was able to speak at this year’s event about service hours to the newly inducted freshman.

Abbey Potter,9, has been in Junior Beta Club from 7th grade to 8th grade.  When she was in 8th grade, she was the club president. Abbey is thrilled to be in Beta Club, she stated that, “I am excited to have more opportunities to help people. Beta club offers many different options to serve and I am excited to be able to participate in this club!” Abbey loves everything Beta Club has to offer her throughout her years of school.

Reese Burt,9, was also a Junior Beta Club Member. Reeses’s favorite thing about Beta Club is the chance to serve, Reese says, “God  calls us as Christians to help others and serve in the name of Jesus and I will be able to do that with Beta Club.” Reese continues on to say, “It is important to know we all as people can help others everyday.” Reese is excited to she what a new chapter of Beta Club will bring for her.