Lent 2021

Every year, Christians around the world celebrate a season in the church calendar known as Lent occurs. It starts on Ash Wednesday, which this year fell on February 17 and ends on the Saturday before Easter, which this year is Sunday, April 3.  The season is a time when Christians prepare for Easter. According to cru.org the main ideas of Lent is, “Prayer, fasting, and giving to charity.” Fasting is the act of giving something up, mainly associated with food but people can also fast from many other things. The main point of Lent is to give something up that is apart of our regular life so that you can focus on the sacrifice of Jesus. People often give up certain foods or even social medias.

Lent is most often associated with more orthodox or liturgical denominations.  However, all Christians can participate if they want. Jillian Scalf, 9, is a Southern Baptist and she attends Immanuel Baptist Church. Jillian in fact does celebrate Lent she expressed, “Yes, we celebrate Lent! It is a good opportunity to focus on Jesus and what he has done for us.” Jillian says that she uses this time to get her ready for the Easter season.

Tia Alchureiqi, 11, is a Greek Orthodox. Tia did say that she doesn’t fully follow every rule of Lent that the Greek Orthodox religion does. They encourage a pescatarian diet, which includes no animal products, except seafood is allowed. Along with having Easter on a different day, since the Orthodox Church is based on the Gregorian calendar. Although Tia doesn’t follow every rule she did decide to give up some things, she stated that, “I gave up sweets and social media that isn’t for school.”

For those who do choose to participate in the season, the next 40 days will be spent strengthening their faith, leading up to Easter.