Covid Plan for Instruction 3.0

Starting on February 22, Lexington Christian Academy is starting a new way of learning.

The students have gone through many different ways of teaching, such as in-person, fully online, hybrid, and next up on the list is going in-person Monday and Tuesday with an asynchronous learning day on Wednesday and going the rest of the week in school. At the beginning of this semester, all students went back in-person but with a rise of COVID cases and exposures, LCA decided to move to a hybrid schedule where only half of the students were in class in person. Now things are settling down so the decision was made to try and do a new way of school by slowly bringing in more kids at a time.

Recently a email was sent out with all the information for parents and students of this new topic. It describes the new method of instruction.  “Monday, February 22: All Rose Campus students will return to in person instruction on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Wednesdays will still be asynchronous learning days.” The email also lays out approximately when the administration thinks this schedule will end. “Unless COVID data prevent us from doing so, this schedule will continue through Friday, March 26.” The reason given for keeping Wednesdays as an asynchronous day is so the facilities team have enough time to deep clean the school and the students will have a clean and safe environment when they return.

Although this back and forth of school has been hard on students it has also been extremely hard on the teachers. Mrs Payne, a Bible and chemistry teacher states that, “Nothing is better than being together all the time. But I think this has helped us appreciate what time we do have, and has made us thankful for each other!” She says she is so excited to see all her students masked faces once again in just a few short weeks.

Kaila Cusick,9, was ecstatic when the news came that she will be (almost) going back in person school. Although Kaila did wish that she had always been at school she said, “I think that although it may be hard to adjust over and over again to the changing schedules, this adaptation is valuable practice for life.” Kaila ended with saying that she thinks that all of this change is an example of God’s mercy preparing us for a future event in out lives.