Emily Kate’s Road To Recovery


Makenna Hurst

Friends sign Emily Kate’s brace in the days after she made it back to school after her injury.

Wednesday September 23, Emily Kate Tabor’s life changed forever.

Emily Kate started up soccer again and was excited to get this season going. The season was going well, and most importantly she was having loads of fun with her teammates. Soon a game against Dunbar was raging up and the team was ready to play, although they knew this would be a challenging soccer game. It was an intense first half up against Dunbar, and half-time was coming to a close and the girls where getting back on the field. As minutes go by in the 2nd half that is when it all happened so fast.

Emily doesn’t remember a lot but she does remember partially what happened that night she stated, “I had a collision with a player on dunbar’s varsity team and my knee was kicked sideways. I continued to run for about 30 seconds then I collapsed.” Emily said that the doctors originally said that she had just partially torn her PCL and meniscus, but later to find out she had to get a surgery to fix her fully torn meniscus on December 31.

From a teammates perspective Ella Keene,9, said that, “In the middle of the second half Emily Kate went up against a player for the ball and her knee got kicked to the ground. She got up and the game continued for around 2 minutes.” Ella continued, She told me how bad it was and I told her to take a knee and she just dropped and fell to the ground, she couldn’t move her leg.” Ella then said that after Emily was carted off the field that had to keep playing later to find out the news of Emily’s torn MCL.

Emily says that she definitely plans on going back go playing soccer but her doctors say she won’t be fully ready till around July or August. Emily says the she goes to rehab 3 times a week at Bluegrass Orthopedics.