“Madden 21” Provides Familiar Entertainment with Room for Improvement

Madden 21 Provides Familiar Entertainment with Room for Improvement

Madden has always been a solid household name in the gaming industry and this year’s edition provides a familiar feel in that it is similar to the other ones. I personally love the game overall, but it definitely has some things that I dislike.

First, I will start with the positives. I love the graphics on the next gen Madden 21 and I think they are much improved from former Maddens. I also enjoy the different game modes, my favorite specifically is Madden Ultimate Team. I love being able to build a team of new and old players. The grind to build a good team and be able to compete against your friends is super enjoyable for me. The play now is basically the same as it has always been but it is also fun to just play friends with current NFL teams. I also love the draft game mode where you draft a team from a variety of different players and go up against players online or against your friends.

Now the negatives. The game can be very frustrating and unrealistic sometimes. Many times, there are very overpowered animations or out of position players than can absolutely obliterate a team by themselves. The animations are also all the same and there is no variety. Compared to a game like NBA2k21 there are multiple animations for every type of move. With Madden, however they are all the same like tackling and juke moves are the same every time. The game as also not made any new upgrades that are super significant because there is no other football game that challenges it on the market. There are also a lot of bugs in the game that need to be fixed. With the brand new console I expected the game to not have as many bugs as normal

I do enjoy the game but there are definitely things that need to be improved but I will continue to play Madden 21.