Reflecting on the New Definition of Snow Day

Thursday January 28, Lexington Christian Academy declared a school wide “Snow Day” because of the weather and road conditions. Usually, this is an occasion for great celebration for students.  It means a day a day off, a day to sleep in, a day to relax and enjoy the snow. Chalk those days up to another casualty of COVID. This snow day was not like any snow day LCA students have had before. This snow day, students had to log on and attend school remotely.

That’s right. They had to do SOI learning on a day they should have been able to cozy up with some steaming hot chocolate or go outside and feel the brisk air and enjoy the snow. Kentucky does not get this kind of snow very often. For students (and many teachers as well) the whole point of a snow day is to be off from school. I honestly was worried about this problem occurring last semester, thinking about what the school might do with the new capability that we have to teach remotely. I genuinely thought those who make the decisions at LCA would just let students have a day. I was utterly wrong.

This first week on the hybrid model has been an extraordinarily stressful week. I was excited to have a break and get to enjoy the snow with my family. I also know that many teachers have young ones who get thrilled when they get to play in the snow but not this time.

I understand that students need to stay on path with the curriculum but one day isn’t going to hurt anybody, in fact in might help more than it would hurt. It would help teachers because they could get more work done and prepare more things for their classroom. This whole going back and forth thing, by being in-person to online to hybrid has been extremely stressful for teachers as well. As well as spend time with their kids and families in the snow. It would also help students by giving them a time of rest and a day to get all caught up. A lot of people actually wanted to go outside but we had to work all day long.

Snow days are not illegal as far as I am concerned. I was extremely disappointed on the decision that was made and I hope that next time weather prevents us from going to school, those who make decisions for the school will consider all the factors and understand everyone’s point of view.