The Super Bowl Is Set

The Super Bowl Is Set

Super Bowl 2021 has officially been set. The teams are The Kansas City Chiefs and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This year’s Super Bowl is the battle of two of the greatest quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. There has been quite a lot of controversy about Tom Brady over the past years, and especially this year when he changed from the New England Patriots to Tampa Bay, pretty much leaving The Patriots in the dust with Cam Newton. For example the Patriots record last year was 12-4 and this year their record was 7-9.

This will also be Tom Brady’s 9th Super Bowl. Which in itself is already an insane number of appearances. To add onto that Tom Brady has won 6 out of the 9 Super Bowls in which he has appeared. This is the second Super Bowl for Patrick Mahomes. Last year he played against the 49ers and then this year he faces the Bucs. To add to the uniqueness of  this year’s Super Bowl, the game will take place in Tampa Bay, the home field for the Bucs.

Students are taking note of the big game and making their own predictions about it.  Jaden Hendren ,9, sees strengths for both sides. “The Chiefs have the advantage at offense, and the coaching advantage, but if the Buccs can get pressure on Mahomes that will be their only way to win.” He continues, “I am predicting the score will be 34-24 Chiefs.” Although thinks Brady is the GOAT, Jaden says he just can’t go against the Kansas City Chiefs and their coaching staff. He is very excited to see how this game will go.

On the other hand, senior Emma Clare Sapp wants the opposite result. She said, “I hope the Bucs win the Super Bowl this year because I think it’d be awesome to see Tom Brady bring his new team to a Super Bowl win.” She says that she definitely knows what an amazing team the Chiefs are but that she still has heaps of hope for the Bucs!

Hayden Collins, 11, rides on the same highway that Emma Clare is on. He is for Tampa Bay. He says, “Both teams have the ability to put up a lot of points, but my guess is whoever is able to force turnovers and take points off the board will win. That’s why I’m choosing Tampa Bay to win.” He continues to say, ” I think the score will be 27-24 Bucs.” He says that this will be a game of the past and the future with Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. He is excited to watch this game, and knows it will definitely be a good one.