Winter Break in a Pandemic

The year 2020 was unlike any other for a variety of reasons, not the least of which came to winter break.  The two weeks students usually get off for the holidays and in between semesters is usually a highly anticipated time filled with travel plans and other plans to gather with friends. This year, however, the best most students could look forward to is a time when they did not have to wake up early for online school. For those who could stand the colder temperatures, they did still have the opportunity to go outside and chill for a while, but most can agree this year was different from years prior.

Many students who normally get to see family over the break could not do so this year because of the pandemic. This is difficult for some who have now gone almost a full year without seeing some of their older relatives.  The holiday time was also difficult for the many who have lost loved ones in past several months, whether it was due to COVID or some other cause.  This left students with little do do in their free time.  Senior Cade Gudalis says he spent the break, “working out and seeing the family at home. I just sat around and ate a lot honestly.” This seems to be the theme for many people this year. The pandemic plan is to just stay at home and try to protect yourself as much as possible from people who can infect you or people who you might infect. The break for students is that they did not have to stare at a computer for 6-7 hours a day. Alex Dick, 12, was one who actually got to travel during his time off.  He said that he spent the holiday “going to the beach after just spending time with family at home for Christmas.”  Several students who were able to travel over the break found that they needed to quarantine from their trip when they returned.  That meant starting the semester on-line again. Finally, there was some good news for winter athletes.  At least they could look forward to working out with their teams. Erik Burroughs, 12, said that he spent his break, “Just relaxing at home. I got to see my immediate family at home at least and got to practice with the basketball team.” Sports are a great outlet for stress and with the fact that this year has been more stressful than any year prior, it is a good outlet for those who can get some time in the gym or on a court.

With the rollout of the COVID vaccine and the rising number of people who have recovered from it, students can hope that their next much anticipated break can be spend in more traditional ways.