Students Glad to Head Back to School for Community


Lisa Collins

Jordan Cook, 10, gets his temperature checked as he heads back into school for the second semester.

2021 appears to be starting out like the second half of 2020: not good. As students come back to school, there still are many questions: are we going to be able to stayed open this semester? Do students prefer online or in-person and why? Will we keep having sports? Will we be able to have concerts? There are many different and mixed emotions when it comes to this certain topic.

Abby Chailland, 9, says,“I wish I was at the beach and not at school, but I’m happy to see my friends.” Most students probably would agree with this statement. Abby and her family are big beach people and would always love a good beach trip. Although Abby does like online better she does miss her friends during that time.

Christy Ann Carter,9, says, “I think it is great that LCA is able to have guidelines that still keep everyone safe and healthy while back in school. I’m so glad to be learning in person with teachers and classmates.” Christy does not mind being online. She just did not get to see her friends. She used most of her time at home playing golf.

Emily Kate Tabor, 9, agreed with the others. “I am very grateful to be back in person as online school was hard to pay attention to.” Emily Kate said that she doesn’t absolutely love school but would definitely rather be in person than online. Emily is also very excited to be able to be with her friends once again.

The reason most students want be back in school is to have some community in their life. Online school can make a student feel alone and unmotivated. Most students are glad to be back in person and they are glad that there does not appear to be any plans to go online soon.  They are willing to do their part to keep our school safe and open.