Celebrate Christmas But Corona Style

As cases rise because of Thanksgiving, people are starting to worry about the Christmas season. Many are wondering if Andy Beshear is going to restrict the number of people allowed in homes even more than when he did over Thanksgiving.  Additionally the the increase in positive cases resulting from Thanksgiving gatherings have made some worried about what will happen after Christmas.

Ben Navis,9, and his family love the Christmas season. They say its a great time to spend together and enjoy the time. Ben stated that, “My family usually takes trips every Christmas and supposedly, according to what my parents and my sister said, this year is a big one. However, due to the corona virus, these plans had to be delayed to next year.” Ben continued on to say, “Instead of going on a trip this year, my parents are planning a few games and are going to give us gifts. Inspired by their Christmas spirit, my siblings and I are doing a Secret Santa.” Ben also said that all of the restrictions related to the pandemic have taught him to really make the most of things.

Hayes Pieratt, 9, and his family take the Coronavirus recommendations seriously. They follow them even at home. Hayes explained how his family will celebrate. “We’ll  just visit socially distanced and with masks on. When we eat we eat in different rooms.”  Although it will be a lot different, he said that he is just excited to see his family.

Molly Roth,9, is a big family girl, and her family usually travels out of state for the holidays. This year, that won’t happen. “We have to constantly be careful around older relatives, and we aren’t allowed to visit family in other states due to that states COVID restrictions.” Molly is sad because she can’t see her family in other states this holiday, but she is looking forward to next year.

As families are wrapping presents, and decorating the tree there is still tension in the air on how the cases will be after the holiday.