Seniors Applying For College in a Pandemic

For seniors looking, choosing, and applying for college can be one of the most stressful times of  life, regardless of whether a pandemic is going on or not. With the many different restrictions, closings, and cancellations due to the pandemic, a lot of seniors are experiencing even higher levels of stress about choosing what school to attend after high school.  These include concerns about trying to take the ACT or SAT so that they can get more money or get into a better college. Sacrifices are being made all around and some students are not even going to be able to get into a college just based on grades alone. The New York Times reports that, “A common concern is that because the numbers at some institutions are unusually large, that may impact the number of admissions offers an institution will make for those applying for the Class of 2025”. Many seniors have to realize that since many have decided to not go to school this year out of concerns related to the pandemic, many more students will be applying and reapplying to schools in addition to the graduates from the class of 2021. Student athletes are impacted in more ways because so many seasons have been shortened or cancelled. This severely limits the chances these students have to play their sport at the next level.  Since most seasons were canceled last spring, athletes who were looking to improve their lives through playing sports in college, have had a harder time attracting the attention they need. No sports means no college scouts can watch prospective players compete. Finally, the pandemic has impacted colleges and universities as well as many lost a lot of funding and even had to shutdown sports programs and clubs to keep the school afloat. This means there is less scholarship money to go around and students may have to pay more for a secondary education than previously anticipated. Matthew Donnelly, 12, says, “My parents need help with college and now it is going to be more expensive for them”. Jordan Moseley, 12, added, “I have to start thinking about playing sports in college just so that I can be accepted somewhere for sure.” This is a new reality for students trying to get into college these days.