Girls Basketball Team Gives Back To The Community


Gracie Royalty, 12, and Holynn Crager, 11, deliver meals for Thanksgiving.

On November 24, a few of the girls basketball players met up and packed meals for families in need. They did this in order for the families in need to have food on thanksgiving.

Gracie Royalty, 12, was the one who planned project. When asked about what they did she responded, “We met at LCA and packed 17 bags of food together. For three hours we drove around and delivered bags to families,” She also stated that, “It really opened our eyes and made us all very grateful fir the things we have. It went very well, and we enjoyed the time spent together.” She was very excited and proud of the work her and her teammates did for the community.

Haley Lee, the varsity basketball coach was very excited for this opportunity for the girls and was very proud of Gracie, Haley said, “Anytime our team can give back to the community it is a great opportunity and a blessing for all involved. I was extremely proud of senior Gracie Royalty for planning the project. ” She went on to say, “It’s important for our girls to identify needs in others and use the tools and platforms they’ve been given to serve those who need it.”

Holynn Crager, 11, when asked about her perspective said, “It helped open my eyes to the needs of other people in out city and be appreciative of what I have.” She continued on to say, “The best part about it, was seeing the smiles on peoples face’s and knowing that their day was made!” Holynn was so thankful for this opportunity and will always remember the peoples day that she made better.

Everyone was just so thankful to get to see each other. As well as being able to serve back to their community in a time like this.