Coronavirus Taking Over Thanksgiving


Makenna Hurst, Staff Writer

As a big holiday approaches, so does another Covid wave. Governor Andy Beshear has expressed his fear of the holiday week. The Governor fears another big surge in Kentucky.

In order to take precautions against a rapidly spreading virus, the Governor has put some mandates in place. Such as, “All public and private K-12 schools will close to in-person learning until January 4th.” but the Governor also stated that, “The only exception is for elementary schools in counties outside the red zone, which may reopen Dec. 7 if the school follows all guidelines.” Some other mandates that were given involve, all restaurants and bars will close to indoor dinning services.  Outdoor dining is still allowed, with some limitations. Gyms are limited to 33% capacity, and no group classes or indoor games are allowed. Masks are required, indoor gatherings should be limited to two families, not exceeding a total of eight people. Attendance at weddings and funerals is limited to 25 people, and, professional services should have employees work from home when possible and limit their offices to 33% capacity.

Many people are deeply worried about the limits to how many people can be in your house. Thanksgiving, for many, is a time to have a number of family and friends over to celebrate, but this year will look a lot different.

Elle Keene, 9, had a lot to say about her issue with the capacity limits. Ella responded with, “Every thanksgiving me and my family go up to Ohio to see the rest of my family. This year because of COVID I might not get to do that and it makes me mad because I only get to see my cousins 3-4 times a year and already one meet-up was canceled this summer.”

Although many adults are worried about the lower capacity, athletes are worried about their seasons. The most recent COVID update from both Governor Andy Beshear and the KHSAA Board states that, “The Board of Control conducted its third regularly-scheduled meeting of the 2020-21 academic year on Wednesday and elected to postpone the start of the winter sports season to January 4th by unanimous vote.”