‘Elf’ Great Holiday Tradition

'Elf' Great Holiday Tradition

The holidays are coming up soon and it’s the perfect time to begin watching your favorite Christmas movies. One of the most popular and top rated Christmas movies is “Elf”, according to Today news. “Buddy the Elf’s adventures with his New York family are sure to delight the whole family, and you’ll be quoting some of the movie’s best lines well past Christmas Day.” The movie came out in 2003 and has a running time of one hour and thirty seven minutes. Elf is about a baby named Buddy, who climbs into Santas pile of presents and ends up in the North Pole on accident. Buddy grows up with the Elf’s for the majority of his life and adapts to their ways. As an adult Buddy, who is played by Will Ferrell, decides he wants to return to his first home in New York to find his family. The problem is, Buddy has no experience in the real world and has no idea how to fit in with normal people. After finding his father, it takes a lot of work and convincing to be accepted by him and society. Elf is an upbeat, never dull movie created to entertain children while enforce the idea of magic within Christmas. A variety of high school students also find happiness in the movie Elf. One Junior Jessie Adams, 11, thinks, “This movie is perfect for nights when you need a good laugh while embracing the Christmas spirit. I always watch it more than once a year.” Elf has still been a hit since releasing in theaters over a decade ago and it is apparent why Elf remains so popular. The cast, humor, and plot all are incorporated into the movie to make the perfect children’s movie that can also be enjoyed by adults.