LCA High School Quarantines


Over the past few weeks more and more students are having to be sent home either because they themselves are ill or because they have been in contact with someone who is ill. There has been a significant spike in COVID cases among the student body, but most kids are being sent home through contact tracing. Although LCA has taken the right precautions, the decision has been made to quarantine all students at the Rose Campus for their safety. During this two week period, students will continue with their classes through Synchronous Online Instruction (SOI).

In an recent email from Head of School Dr. Scott Wells, families were informed that “Beginning Thursday, November 5 , all sixth grade, junior high, and high school students will participate in Synchronous Opt-in (SOI) online instruction through Friday, November 20.” He continued, “All students will return to in person instruction on Monday, November 30.” This makes 12 days of SOI online learning. Last March when students were sent home to quarantine students did not have the SOI option. So this year students have enjoyed the SOI learning because it keeps them on task and up to date in their classes.

Abby Chailland, 9, is one of the cheer team members who recently had to quarantined because of an exposer to COVID. Abby’s quarantine was going to be over this Friday, but the school-wide quarantine has delayed her return. She was disappointed to have her time at home extended.  “I’m so sad about it because I had one day left of my quarantine and I was so excited to see everyone.” Abby continued,”Now I have to wait until December to see everyone in person which kinda stinks.” Although she is extremely sad about the school wide quarantine she does say that she definitely enjoys online learning better than last year. She states that, “Last year we were basically just teaching ourselves.”