Students Get Creative with Dance Blue Fundraiser

Makenna Hurst, Staff Writer

On Friday October 30, high school students had a chance to have a little fun with the way they dressed to school and raise money for Dance Blue. The fundraiser was a costume day. Students who paid five dollars could dress up in a costume of their choice (with school restrictions, of course).  This money went directly to Dance Blue fund. Dance Blue is an organization that raises money for those being treated for children’s cancer at the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Jillian Scalf, 9, participated in this fundraiser said, “I’m excited for this opportunity that we get to continue to support Dance Blue and have a fun day to dress up!” Jillian and Abbey Potter decided to make a group costume and dress as the condiments, ketchup and mustard.

Sophomore Lauren Barber has participated in Dance Blue many times. She thought this was a creative way to raise money that more people could have been a part of. “It was fun and a good fundraiser for a good cause but I wish more people participated.” Dance Blue is important to Lauren because she wants to help kids with cancer. She has a servant heart and will always be down to help others. She says this is especially true when it comes to kids with cancer because they are so brave and inspiring.

The seniors on the Dance Blue committee helped lead the fundraiser.  According to Reese Lycan, 12, “We had over a 100 people dress up this year, and we raised well over $500!” Reese was really impressed on how many people dressed since this was the first year doing this fundraiser. Students who are working from home could also donate to the cause.

Reese considers this fundraiser a hit. Other students have said they have enjoyed walking down the hallways to see a bunch of fun costumes. It is helping students look forward to the main Dance Blue event.