“Among Us” Brings Community in a Socially Distant World

Among Us is an American made science-fiction murder mystery game developed and published on June 15, 2018. The game follows up to ten crewmates completing tasks on one of three maps. Among these crewmates there are 2 impostors, and their objective is to sabotage their spacecraft or base and kill all the other crewmates. The game really started to catch a lot of traffic towards the end of summer this year when big time streamers started to play the game. This trend caught on and now it is the highest ranked game on steam and one of the most downloaded apps on the app store and google play store. What makes this game so accessible is the fact that on mobile the game is free, and you can cross platform play with anyone on computer where the game costs five dollars. 

The way the game Among Us is set up is not new at all. This impostor scenario has been around ever since the 1980’s. The game Mafia gave rise to this sort of play style and paved the way for Among Us. However, with new ways of discourse such as Discord and Skype, people playing with their friends is now easier than ever. The game becomes more of a challenge through this aspect which makes the game more fun. There is now a very real skill gap in a 2D game that is developed by an indie company. As you play Among us there is a sense of fear from the impostor and a feeling of teamwork. However, these two feelings combat each other when the person who could be doing the task next to you could end up killing you the next round. This sort of edge of your seat feeling is what gamers all around the globe have been craving and are now getting to experience through this game. 

According to Matthew Potter, 12, “The game is super fun to play with friends and is creative”. No other game like Among Us has dominated the market like this one, so gamers who only play big title games are now getting to experience this seemingly creative style. Max Wheeler, 12,  says that, “The game makes you feel uneasy because you never know what could happen”. The fact that you could at any time be having to defend yourself from a baseless accusation or trying to frame someone for a murder you committed makes this game a nail-biter in all definitions of word. According to the news website PC Gamer, Among Us has no signs of slowing down either, “At the start of July, Among Us averaged just a couple hundred viewers on Twitch, according to tracking site SullyGnome. By the end of August, it averaged over 100,000”. The gaming industry is preparing for a major shift, while indie games are taking over the market, the multi-million-dollar companies who have been less that nice to their players are starting to feel the monetary pain and realizing change is needed. Among Us is changing a lot of things and the game continues to improve.