Freshmen Enjoy Their First High School Spirit Week


Gyler Doan

Abbey Potter, 9, shows off her colorful style for Wacky Socks Day during Spirit Week.

October 5th-9th is the annual Spirit Week. Each day has a specific theme that students can interpret with the way they dress.  Monday was Decades Day, which means students could dress up as in the style of their favorite decade, like the 1950s. Tuesday was Sports Day and students wore gear from their favorite sports. Wednesday brought spirit to the often overlooked feet with Wacky Socks Day. Thursday was popular with many students as they could dress up for Camo Day. The week rounded out with Extreme Spirit Day on Friday. Students had a lot to get excited about as the Eagles football team took on the much larger Frederick Douglass High School team Friday night.  Usually Spirit Week culminates with the Homecoming game and dance. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the school will not be having a homecoming dance. The football game that would have been the homecoming game was recently changed from home to away.

Kori Jasper, 9, chose to observe rather than participate in her first high school Spirit Week.  She explained, “I don’t dress up because I’m not very festive but I love to watch other people dressing up! It’s very fun to see what other people can do with their creativity. but I would rather not dress up.” Kori enjoys coming to school in the mornings and seeing everybody in their fun outfits. Although Kori doesn’t not dress up, she still looks forward to spirit week every year. This year, students like Kori had another option for their daily dress.  Students who did not dress up in the daily theme could wear jeans and a spirit shirt, rather than standardized dress code.

Online students are not able to be on campus, so they miss out on many of the Spirit Week activities. Emma Clare Doepke, 9, noted that it does not make that much difference to her. “I can still do it at home. I just choose not to because part of the week.” She also said, “For me, I get to dress down anyway. I’m already wearing sweatpants and hoodies all day.” Although she can’t entirely be in school and see everyone’s outfits. She is still able to see people creativity through the iPad in which she joins for her online classes every hour.

Freshman Class Vice President Abbey Potter had a lot of fun with her first year being part of the high school Spirit Week. She stated, “I think that spirit week is great! The themes are so fun and I hope that we can continue doing this in the future.” Abbey has always loved Spirit Week. She loves the opportunity to dress up in the different themes. She also loves to see other people in their outfits as well.