ACT Practice Test Helps Juniors Prepare


On September 29, Juniors had the opportunity to take a practice ACT test in preparation for the upcoming real ACT. Students were supposed to take this test in March of their sophomore year, but due to COVID, no one was able to take it. This test puts a lot of pressure on students, so it is important to the school to help students be prepared. Pierce Ragland, 11 said, “It made for a slow morning and a long day, but I know in the end that it will help me when I want to apply for colleges.” This gives students a chance to understand the structure of this test and become familiar with the process of taking it.

Juniors arrived on Tuesday morning to school and headed straight towards the gym. From there, students were assigned two people a table to maintain socially distanced. The test ended less than four hours later, just in time for lunch. While most people do not like to sit through such a long test, Hayden Burt, 11  had an optimistic view. “I liked being able to not have to go to the first few classes of the day, and I feel like preparation for the ACT was more important than some of my other classes.”

Students returned to their classes for the second half of the day.