Fall Break Means Staycation for Most

fall break

fall break

This week marks the seventh week students have been in school. It also marks the first significant break of the semester. Coming in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, many students have questions about Fall Break: Should we go anywhere on fall break? Where are the hot spots? Am I allowed to come back to school if I travel? To guide families as they decide how to spend the time off, the school has provided the answers. In a message to parents, Head of School Dr. Wells suggests that traveling during the pandemic is very dangerous and should be limited at all costs. In the weekly Wingspan, he provided links that allow families to find out where are the current hotspots to be avoided.  What happens if a student visits a hot spot during the break? Well, those students will have to quarantine for two weeks before they are allowed back in school.

Abby Chailland, 9, loves to travel and most of all, she loves the beach. This year she said, “I’m not going anywhere because my mom thinks we have traveled too much already this year and we are also taking Covid-19 precautions.” Although she is not going anywhere, she and her family are going to make the most of the time off.

The situation is the same, but the reasons for staying home are different for sophomore Reagan Werzler. She said, “I am not going anywhere because my dad is in the Army, and he needs to be there if Louisville starts get really crazy. So they need him to be ready if he needs to go help out.” She also said it would be very difficult to leave since she has a volleyball game.

LCA staff member Mrs. Thomas is the parent of 3. Mrs. Thomas and her family also are not going anywhere for Fall Break. She explained, “We are sticking close to home for fall break… We didn’t make any plans as we wanted to just slow down for a few days.” She continued, “And the kids have activities so we will be going to those.”

Most LCA families are not going anywhere for this year’s Fall Break. It is very difficult to to travel during this time with all the restrictions in place across the country. Still, students and their families are looking forward to time to rest.