2020-21 Student Council Gets to Work


Student Council members gather in a socially distant room to discuss plans for upcoming school events.

On Thursday September 17, the recently elected Student Council met for the first time to discuss topics such as senior lunches, spirit week, Dance Blue and setting examples for Covid-19 guidelines.

The dates for senior lunch were announced for October 6 and 14, November 18, and the whole week of finals in December. While it seems like a lot of senior lunches, some students questioned these dates. Will Vernon, 12, said, “I do not understand why we would have senior lunch on a day we have early dismissal as well as another one on a day the seniors do not have to come to school. It would make more sense to go to senior lunch on a day we have school.”

The Student Council also discussed the Spirit Week options for this year. Spirit Week will be October 5-9. Some of the suggestions mentioned were cowboys/aliens, decades, sports, USA, mismatch and school spirit days. Last year some of the students were not especially enthusiastic about the Spirit Week options. Junior Luke Hall explained, ”some of the options last year were not the best, such as monochromatic day, but some of them were ok.” The new student body president, Steven Young, looks to improve events such as Spirit wWek and make them enjoyable for the entire high school.

Steven feels very confident this year in his abilities to lead the school, as well as the abilities his supporting cast. “I am really looking forward to working with this year’s Student Council. We have some extremely intelligent and hard working students that are going to do a great job this year making our school the best that it can be during these uncertain times.”